Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bacon Brussels Sprouts

1 lb Brussels Sprouts, washed & halved
4 strips of bacon
large handful of garlic
small onion
chicken stock
2 teaspoons butter

Cook bacon until done; drain on paper towel lined plate. Reserved bacon grease. Mince onion and garlic, saute in reserved bacon grease. Add sprouts, butter and enough chicken stock to fill pan approximately 1". Saute on low approximately 15 minutes, or until sprouts are tender. Crumble bacon, sprinkle over sprouts and cook another minute or so, stirring constantly. Salt & pepper to your own taste. (Personally, I hate adding salt to anything for flavour)


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trying to recreate the greens from 5 Points ....

Coconut crusted Tilapia (store bought). Been obsessively trying to recreate the greens from this one bar where we shoot.

This version:
1 bag baby spinach
handful of flat leaf parsley
handful of arugula
big handful of grape tomatoes 
big handful of garlic
1 small white onion
3 chili peppers
handful of shredded Mexican cheese blend
squeeze of lime

Mince garlic, onion and pepper. Saute in EVOO about 3 minutes. Pulse tomatoes in food processor, add to pan, omitting seeds and liquid. Saute 2 minutes. Add spinach, parsley and arugula, plus a squeeze of lime, cook until wilted. Once wilted, stir in cheese. Continue cooking until cheese is melted.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Post ... or, Some Ado About Waffles

Waffles is a (soon to be) divorced broad of a certain age who has gradually developed a love of cooking over the last 2 years.

Prior to this life, cooking was limited to a very basic palette, due to X-Mr. Waffles dietary restrictions. Since leaving him, I've been having a blast cooking up all sorts of wacky shit that X-Mr. W. would have never, never, never eaten.

Bon Appetite!!!